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SEO - Search Engine Optimalization

Search Engine Optimalization is a really very effective method how to get your webpages on the first positions on the worldwide search engines and portals, in front of your competitors. It is a systematical process, which will not bring you results day-to-day, but in the case of professional SEO it will bring to your webpages really huge amount of visitors continuously. In present time, there is no chance to be successful on the internet market (internet search portals market) without professional SEO.

Professional webdesign and SEO are two basic building stones for success of your webpages on internet market!

SEO goals?

There is one really simple rule in SEO: That what you can´t see, can´t be found! And because of that is the main goal of the whole SEO make your webpages visible in the fulltext search and thanks to that bring you highly-targeted visitors for the accetable expenses.

What means SEO for your webpages?

There is a lot of www producers on the market, which are able to make a really nice and professional webdesign, but they don´t have any skills in the area of SEO.
Because of that, it is really necessary to answere these questions in case of your webpages:

  • Do you have new customers thanks to your webpages?
  • Do you have new visitors on your webpages through fulltext search?
  • How often and which one?

Not only these are the questions, which have their answeres only in professionally made SEO.

We´ll help you with analysis before the start of all tasks on your new webpages. We´ll count in the start with professional SEO for them, so you have the guarantee that yours new www presentation will be nice, professional and will be always on TOP.

What SEO includes?

Search Engine Optimalization includes a lot of elements, f.e.:

  • Key words analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Competitors analysis
  • Link building
  • SEO analysis
  • Statistics

What we can offer you in SEO area?

We can offer you complex services in the SEO area and as well:

  • Individual SEO consultation about your actuall webpages
  • The whole SEO of your present webpages
  • Control and development of your webpages for a longer time period
  • Key words analysis
  • Link building
  • Professional content create
  • PR services
  • Statistics information
  • And many others

PPC advertising

The basic pray of all companies is to make highly-targeted offer to the market. Nowadays all customers are searching for products and services mainly on internet, it is necessary to be in the right place in the right time with right offer. Because of that there is a posibility of PPC advertisement.

What is it PPC?

PC means PAY-PER-CLICK. It is one of the most growing form of the internet marketing. The main goal of PPC is to bring on your webpages/eshop the right potentional customer from search portals, like google etc. PPC can be targeted on concrete country, region, city and because of PPC campaigns give you the best chance to find huge amount of potencional customers for a really reasonable expenses. By the PPC advertising you can set your day or monthly expenses, so you have all the time your expenses under control.

PPC effectivity?

PPC effectivity is really very easy to measure thanks to online anylisis, like Google Analytics etc. Through these statistics you can see how many visitors you had in some period and how many of them became a customer.

How to target PPC?

here are a lot of systems how to target PPC campaigns, f.e. worldwide known Google Adwords. On the Czech market are also mostly used Sklik from, eTarget and AdFox from We are able to provide you with our services in all these PPC systems.

PPC is going hand-to-hand with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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